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APPLICATION FORM Fair term: 29. - 31.05.2015

Application deadline: 15.05.2015
Dunajska cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana
1001 Ljubljana, p.p. 3715
ID tax No.: SI87878879
tel.: +386 (0)1 300 26 00
fax: +386 (0)1 300 26 49
http: //

1/ Data on the exhibitor
Tax No.   ID Tax No.*   Corporate taxpayer  
    YES NO  
Exhibitor's full company/organisation name
Postcode/Zip, City   Address
Telephone   Telefax
E-mail   Website
Full bank address and SWIFT code   Bank account number, IBAN
Managing Director/CEO (First name, Last name)   Contact person (First name, Last name)
Contact person's telephone   Contact person's e-mail
2/ Quantity, packaging, shipment, classification
A sample of wine consists of min. 6 labelled bottles in original package. If the volume of bottles is less than 0.75 litre, the number of bottles should be higher so that the total volume of the sample is min. 4.25 litre / sample.

Samples are to be sent at the sender's expense to the address: Gospodarsko razstavišče, Dunajska cesta 18, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia by 10 May 2015.

The samples are accompanied by the analysis carried out by an authorized institution.
The analysis comprises the following data: alcohol, sugar, total acids, volatile acids, free SO2 and total SO2 . On the basis of the analysis, wine is placed in an appropriate group.

3/ Prices and payment
The evaluation fee covers the costs of the work of the evaluation panel, catalogue print, manufacturing of medals, diplomas and plaques. Prices are valid when all sample evaluations are ordered simultaneously.

Number of samples Prices (VAT not included)
1 or 2 EUR 100 / sample
3 or 4 EUR 90 / sample
5 or more EUR 80 / sample

Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. will issue a proforma invoice, which the participant must pay completely and without deduction by the due date specified on the proforma invoice. Wine samples will be evaluated only if the proforma invoice is payed by the due date. After receiving this application, Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. will issues a proforma invoice, which the participant must pay completely and without deduction by the due date specified on the proforma invoice.
Wine samples will be evaluated only if the proforma invoice is payed by the due date.

4/ Medals and diplomas, announcement of awarded wines
Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. undertakes that after the received payment (# 3) it will timely forward received samples to the international tasting panel to evaluate them and that it will send participants diplomas and medals for awarded samples. Evaluated wines can achieve the following medals, diplomas and awards in compliance with the rules of the International Evaluation of Wines VINO LJUBLJANA: great gold medal, gold medal, silver medal, the title WORLD CHAMPION, COUNTRY CHAMPION, diploma AKOS ASVANY, trophy TSUKAMOTO. Every award-winning participant will be able to get medals, diplomas and plaques at the GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre or via mail. The results of the evaluations of awarded wines will be published in the official catalogue of international evaluation and on the official website of Vino Ljubljana,

5/ A special warning
Please respect the order and wine samples arrival deadlines in order to avoid the possibility of wine samples arriving to late for the evaluation. Wine samples that will arive too late and samples for which the proforma invoice has not been payed in compliance with the terms and conditions of this order form, will not be evaluated. Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. will not refund the evaluation fees for evaluation orders of the wine samples that are sent too late to arrive on time for the evaluation.

6/ Insert wine samples
Name of the wine   Year
Category   Subgroup (check classification)
Alcohol in vol. %   Residual sugar g/l
The sign of the wine-growing district (provenance)   The number of bottles in stock

Name Year Category Subgroup Alcohol Sugar District Stock  
The organizer pays a special attention to the provenance of wine which should comply with the regulations of respective countries. The legal entity or natural person who bottled the wine is responsible for any misuse.
7/ With my signature I allow Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana, to keep my personal data, stated in this document, in conformity with the Personal Data Protection Act, in its data base and to use them for the following purposes: statistical processing, segmentation of participants, fulfilling of contractual and statutory obligations.
Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. can process my personal data within 10 years after the last contractual relationship and keep them in records in compliance with effective legislation.
8/ The participant acknowledges and accepts the provisions of this application.
9/ The court in Ljubljana is relevant for any legal actions arising from this application.
8/ You are requested to fill in the application form legibly and to return one signed and stamped copy to the address of: Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. Dunajska cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana.
Application Completed* E-mail* Telephone* Date*
Acquainted with Exhibition Conditions in paragraf 7, 8, and 9.
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